Presentations at the FPC annual, contact and special meetings can be downloaded below in .pdf format.


YearDateFPC MeetingLocation
2022December 14Forest Management and Carbon Markets: Recent Developments and Key Knowledge Gaps - Justin Baker (NCSU) and Greg Latta (U of Idaho)

Video Recording - presentations begin about minute 10

Powerpoint slides will be available soon
Webinar, from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
2022December 1, 6, 132022 Latin American Annual MeetingOnline
2022November 15-172022 US Contact MeetingLeesville, LA
2022August 9-102022 US Annual MeetingRaleigh, NC
2022April 29Optimizing pine plantation management via geospatial data science and forest soil classification - Chris Cohrs PhD. defense
Video Recording
Powerpoint slides
Graduate student defense/ webinar, from NCSU, Raleigh, NC
2021Year end summary2021 Center for Advanced Forest Systems Progress Report
2021October19-202021 US Contact MeetingLynchburg, VA
2021August 10, 12, 17, and 192021 US Annual MeetingLunch and Learn Online
2021May 4-252021 Latin American Contact MeetingOnline
2020December 7-152020 Strategic Planning MeetingStrategic Planning
2020August 4-September 12020 US Annual MeetingLunch and Learn Online
2020May 28Sentinel 2 Leaf Area Estimation in the Southeastern US - Chris Cohrs
Youtube Video Recording
Powerpoint slides
Webinar, from NCSU, Raleigh, NC
2019November 20-212019 US Pine Contact MeetingMt. Gilead, NC
2019November 11An introduction to the new Landsat 7 ETM+ and Landsat 8 Leaf Area
Index estimation tool: R package walkthrough - Matthew Sumanll
Video recording
Powerpoint slides and R tools
Webinar, from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
2019October 21-242019 Contact Meeting in ArgentinaPosadas, Argentina
2019August 6-82019 US Annual MeetingSavannah, GA
2019May 31Recent Developments in Remote SensingWebinar, from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
2018November 6-72018 US Pine Contact MeetingYulee, FL
2018August 6-92018 US Annual MeetingRaleigh, NC
2017October 17-192017 LA Annual MeetingConcepciĆ³n, Chile
2017August 7-102017 US Annual MeetingWilmington, NC
2017July 262017 Contact Meeting in Chile 2Chile
2017July 52017 Contact Meeting in Chile 1Chile
2016October 4-62016 Annual MeetingBlacksburg, VA
2016July 12-142016 LA Pine and Eucalyptus WG MeetingCali, Colombia
2016May 24-262016 US Pine WG MeetingBrookeland, TX
2016March 31-April 12016 US Eucalyptus WG MeetingQuincy, FL
2015November 202015 November WEBEX MeetingOnline
2015September 29-302015 Annual MeetingChapel Hill, NC
2015June 22-27LA Pine and Eucalyptus WG MeetingArgentina and Brazil
2015May 12-14US Pine WG MeetingFlorence, SC
2015March 9 - 10US Eucalyptus WG MeetingRavenel, SC
2014October 14 - 16Annual MeetingAtlanta, GA
2014August 3 - 5Latin America Eucalyptus Working Group - Research Review and Strategic Planning MeetingTres Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
2014June 3 - 5US Pine Working Group Research Review & Contact MeetingTuscaloosa, AL
2014February 10 - 11US Eucalyptus WGRaleigh, NC
2014January 13 - 15US Pine WGNew Bern, NC
2013October 7 - 9Annual MeetingAtlanta, GA
2013June 3 - 7Contact MeetingBlacksburg, VA
2012November 15Eucalyptus Special ProjectRaleigh, NC
2012October 15 - 18Annual Advisory Council MeetingChapel Hill, NC
2012June 12 - 142012 Contact MeetingPineville, LA
2012May 2012Latin America Contact MeetingConcepcion, Chile
2011October 11 - 13Annual Advisory Council MeetingBlacksburg, VA
2011June 8 - 9 2011ContactMeeting.pdfWaycross, GA
2011June 6 - 7 2011-Workshop-all.pdfJacksonville, FL
2011March 9RW24 Eucalyptus Cold Tolerance Project - 3rd MtgRaleigh, NC
2011March 8Planning Meeting to Discuss RW 18 and RW 19 StudiesRaleigh, NC
2010November 14 - 19 2010_CM_A_U_documentos_campo_eng.pdfArgentina, Uruguay
2010October 26 - 28Advisory Council MeetingNew Bern, NC
2009October 6 - 8Annual Advisory Council MeetingChapel Hill, NC
2009June 1 - 2 2009ContactMeeting.pdf
2008September 29 - October 1Annual Advisory Council MeetingRoanoke, VA
2008June 2 - 4Forest Production - Silviculture Relationships Workshop
2008June 5 - 6 2008ContactMeeting.pdf
2007October 15 - 17Annual Advisory Council MeetingBlacksburg, VA
2007June 6 2007ContactMeeting.pdfTuscaloosa, AL
2006October 3 - 4Annual Advisory Council MeetingChapel Hill, NC
2005October 11 - 13Annual Advisory Council MeetingBlacksburg VA
2005June 6 - 8Contact Meeting Workshop PresentationsJacksonville, FL
2004September 21 - 22Annual Advisory Council Meeting

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