2020 Strategic Planning Meeting

December 7-102020 FPC Strategic Planning meeting Agenda
December 7-10FPC Strategic Planning Meeting Topic Descriptions
December 7-10Spreadsheet of topic summaries for each subject sectionAll Participants
December 712:00Accomplishments since last strategic plan (pdf)Rachel Cook
December 712:15Survey Results (pdf)Tim Albaugh
December 712:30Research priorities and Overview of meeting structure (pdf)Dave Carter
December 712:45Introduction to technical meeting aspects (pdf)Kate Charland
December 712:00-1:00Presentation recording (mp4)All speakers
December 71:00-3:00Nutrition - Completed Mural (pdf)All participants
December 72:00-3:00Nutrition - Group Discussion (mp4)All participants
December 812:00-12:15Summary of ongoing Vegetation Management Studies (pdf)

Presentation recording (mp4)
Kate Charland and Dave Carter
December 812:15-2:00Vegetation management - Completed Mural (pdf)All participants
December 812:15-2:00Vegetation management - Group Discussion (mp4)All participants
December 82:00-2:05Summary of ongoing Density Management Studies (pdf)

Presentation recording (mp4)
Dave Carter
December 82:05-3:00Density management - Completed Mural (pdf)All participants
December 82:05-3:00Density management - Completed Mural (pdf)All participants
December 912:00-12:15Summary of ongoing Remote Sensing Studies (pdf)

Presentation recording (mp4)
Kate Charland and Rachel Cook
December 912:15-3:00Remote Sensing - Group Discussion (mp4)All participants
December 912:15-3:00Remote Sensing - Completed Mural (pdf)All participants
December 1012:00-12:15Summary of ongoing Decision Support Tool work (pdf)

Presentation recording (mp4)
Kate Charland and Dave Carter
December 1012:15-1:00Decision Support Tools - Group Discussion (mp4)All participants
December 1012:15-1:00Decision Support Tools - Completed Mural (pdf)All participants
December 101:00-2:30All Topics - Group Discussion (mp4)All participants
December 101:00-2:30All Topics - Completed Mural (pdf)All participants
December 11-17Voting allocations by company type (pdf)Each member company votes

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