Tech Transfer

OutreachOur research is results driven. It is imperative that the results of our research are made available to our members in a timely manner. Web accessible data summaries for field trials are available as soon as we receive the corrected field trial data and/or analyses are completed in the lab. Periodically, results from field trials are summarized in internal technical reports. Downloadable copies of our technical reports are available on the members-only portion of our web site. Data analyses are also conducted for specific members upon request.

Much of our information is provided on a personal contact basis through field visits and a successful workshop series detailing forest production and silvicultural relationships.  Workshops typically include lectures, field trips, readings, and much discussion. Almost 1900 people have attended our workshops over the last five years. 

Workshop topics include:

  • Defining potential productivity
  • The ecophysiological basis for forest production
  • An integrated silvicultural systems approach to managing resource availability and stand growth
  • Water use and water use efficiency of forest plantations
  • Nutrient cycling and nutrient use in forest stands
  • Root growth and soil properties
  • Logging damage and amelioration
  • Soil classification and mapping
  • Process-based models concepts and use
  • Responses and prescription guidelines for young stands including species/genotype selection, bedding, disking, subsoiling, vegetation control, fertilization, insect control, and interactions among treatments
  • Responses and prescription guidelines for intermediate-aged stands including thinning, vegetation control, fertilization, and their interactions

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