Over the last 45 years the FPC has:


    • Demonstrated that leaves grow trees, resources grow leaves, and that optimum values will only be realized with site-specific manipulation of both site and genetic resources;
    • Provided the fertilizer prescriptions for the more than one million acres of pine plantations which are fertilized each year in the southeast US, resulting in 30 million more tons of wood being produced every year on the same land base;
    • Demonstrated that the potential productivity of plantations in many areas of the Americas is much higher than previously thought;
    • Encouraged the worldwide adoption of effective and environmentally sustainable silvicultural practices;
    • Identified the debilitating effects of chronic nutrient limitations on plantation productivity and the opportunities to enhance productivity through nutrient additions;
    • Developed and assisted members in implementing an accurate and efficient method of estimating leaf area for plantations using Landsat;
    • Created decision support systems and prescription guidelines to optimize the use of soil tillage, vegetation management, fertilization, and thinning to enhance stand growth and value;

fpc milestones

  • Published more than 270 papers and reports dealing with plantation productivity, forest nutrition, soils, and silviculture (a complete list of publications can be found on our web site);
  • Provided members with the latest information concerning intensive silviculture through field visits and a successful workshop series;
  • Served as a founding member of the National Science Foundation Center for Advanced Forestry Systems;
  • Graduated over 80 PhD and MS students from around the world who are now serving as scientists, educators, and natural resource managers in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States.


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