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Applying the Cooperative’s information to a land base can increase short- and long-term profitability and sustainability by:

  • Reducing plantation establishment costs by optimizing the selection and implementation of site preparation, planting, and early vegetation control prescriptions;
  • Allocating investment dollars for intermediate-aged stand treatments to shorten rotation length and increase stand value;
  • Leveraging the research activities of individual members with the investment of the entire program;
  • Taking advantage of the technology transfer and consulting services of the FPC staff to address specific issues.


Full membership in the Forest Productivity Cooperative is open to any organization that owns, manages, or leases forest land. Full members actively participate in FPC research by establishing and maintaining field trials.

Corresponding membership is open to individuals or organizations that do not own land and is intended for consultants, suppliers, contractors, and other organizations with an interest in sustainable plantation silviculture.

Sustaining membership is open to organizations that do not own land but want to support the program at a higher level and be more active in the FPC.

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