About FPC

The Forest Productivity Cooperative (FPC) is an international partnership committed to creating innovative solutions to enhance forest productivity and value through the sustainable management of site resources. The partnership is lead by forestry faculty at North Carolina State University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and the Universidad de Concepción. Team members have expertise in silviculture, forest nutrition, ecophysiology, soils, plant community ecology, growth and yield modeling, process-based models, remote sensing, spatial analysis and GIS, and statistics.

Partners include the three host universities, forest industry, timber management investment organizations, forestry consultants, governmental agencies, private landowners, and others interested in intensive plantation management. Members own or manage over 24 million acres (10 million hectares) of pine and broadleaved plantations in the southeast US and Latin America, making the FPC one of the world’s largest cooperative silviculture research and education programs.

Our approach includes a mix of applied research, fundamental research, graduate and undergraduate education, technology transfer, continuing education, and consulting. This mix provides a productive environment for addressing questions and immediately incorporating research results into silvicultural practices for cost-effective and environmentally sustainable plantation management.

For more information concerning the Forest Productivity Cooperative, including our membership, current research, or graduate education programs, please contact us.


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