Our members support the research, training and technology transfer mission of the Forest Productivity Cooperative.

Full membership in the Forest Productivity Cooperative is open to any organization that owns, manages, or leases forest land. Full members actively participate in FPC research by establishing and maintaining field trials.

Corresponding membership is open to individuals or organizations that do not own land and is intended for consultants, suppliers, contractors, and other organizations with an interest in sustainable plantation silviculture.

Sustaining membership is open to organizations that do not own land but want to support the program at a higher level and be more active in the FPC.



Company Name Membership Type Web Address Description Logo
American Forest Management Full Forest Management, Real Estate & Investment Services, Environmental Management & Technical Services
Arauco – BioForest Full Forestry, Pulp, Sawtimber, Panels
BTG Pactual Full Timberland Investment Management
Campbell Global, LLC Full Timberland Investment Management The Campbell Group
Campo Forestal SA Full Eucalyptus plantations in Colombia Campo Forestal
Deforsa Full Pulp, Sawtimber, Agroforestry, Bioenergy Deforsa
Dougherty & Dougherty Forestry Full Land Sales, Timber Sales, Timber Appraisal, Timberland Management Dougherty & Dougherty Forestry
Evans Properties Full Land management and Eucalyptus plantations
Forest Investment Associates Full Investment management
services for investors in timberland
Forest Investment Associates
Forestal Mininco Full Forestry, Sawtimber,Pulp and Paper Forestal Mininco
Greenwood Resources Full Meeting the needs of investors, communities
and the environment with trees
Greenwood Resources
Hancock Forest Management Full Timberland Investing Forest Management Hancock Forest Management
International Paper Full Pulp & Paper, Packaging
Real Estate
International Paper
Jordan Lumber Full Wood Product Manufacturing,
Environmental Responsibility
Jordan Lumber
Klabin Full Paperboard, corrugated packaging, industrial bagsand timber Klabin
Masisa Full Forestry, Sawtimber, Panels Masisa
Milliken Forestry Full Forest and Wildlife Management
Appraisal and Technical Services, GIS/Mapping Services
Milliken Forestry
Molpus Timberlands Management Full Timberland Investment
Molpus Timberlands Management
Rayonier Full Forest Management Rayonier
Resource Management Service Full Forest Management
Timberland Investments
Resource Management Service
Smurfit Cartón de Colombia/Venezuela Full
Forestry, Packaging, Paper recycling
Pulp and Paper
Smurfit Carton de Colombia_Venezuela
Superior Pine Products Company Full Timber Production Forest Sustainability Superior Pine Products Company
Suzano Full Paper and Cellulose Suzano
Terena S.A. Full Forestry Terena
Timberland Investment Resources Full Timberland management to realize
the full potential of timberland
Timberland Investment Resources
Westervelt Company Full Timberland Management, Natural Resources Westervelt Company
Weyerhaeuser Full Cellulose Fibers, Paper
Real Estate, Timberlands, Wood Products
North Carolina Forest Service Sustaining Forest Resources Environmental Resources North Carolina Forest Service
USDA Forest Service Sustaining Caring for the land and serving people. USDA Forest Service
Virginia Department of Forestry Sustaining We protect and develop healthy, sustainable forest Virginia Department of Forestry
Arborgen Corresponding Tree Breeding Biotechnology Arborgen
Bayer CropScience LP Corresponding Vegetation Management Bayer
Chem-Air Corresponding Aerial Application Services Lesco
CHS, Inc Corresponding Crop Nutrients
Crop Production Services – Timberland Division Corresponding Vegetation Management CPS
Forestry & Land Resource Consultants Corresponding Forest Soil Survey, Soil Cartography,
Soil Decision Support Keys
Forestry & Land Resource Consultants
FuturaGene Corresponding
International Forest Company Corresponding Tree Seedlings of Pine and Eucalyptus,
Contract Growing
International Forest Company
Lesco Aviation Corresponding Aerial Imagery, Lidar, Variable Rate Fertilizer Application Lesco
Omya International Corresponding Natural Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate for Soil Improvement and Nutrition Omya International
Precision Air Corresponding Aviation Timber Fertilization, Constant and Variable rate Precision Air
Red River Specialties Corresponding Distributors of Specialty Products, Vegetation Management, Range & Pasturelands, and Agricultural Land Management Products Red River Specialties